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The Secret to a Solid Tennis Volley

If you want to build a solid foundation on your tennis volley, you must learn to catch. The benefits of learning to catch on your volley will improve your success immediately. Why? Because when you catch, you simply open up

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Catch and Throw for a Great Overhead Smash

If you want to develop a great overhead smash, you need to learn to catch and throw. When the lob first goes up, think like a outfielder in baseball. Turn your body and locate the ball with your non-playing hand.

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The First Goal: Master Your Contact

If you want to master the game of tennis, your first goal should be to master contact. Contact, in its most simple form, is when the tennis ball hits the strings of the racket. There are two main types of

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Steve Says: Welcome to Black Belt Tennis!

Welcome to Black Belt Tennis, and thank you for visiting!

Our mission at Black Belt Tennis is to help you “Master the Game” of tennis in fun and progressive ways. We are very excited to begin unveiling what we feel is some of the finest and most innovative instruction in online tennis coaching.

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