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Want a Better Tennis Serve? Toss, Throw, and Stay Relaxed

Want to serve like Federer? Take a look at his great service motion and notice the relaxed fluidity of it. Smooth motion, perfect timing, relaxed wrist and hitting arm, effortless power. You too can create this type of effortless motion — here is how.

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Roger Federer

Want More Power in Your Tennis Game? Just Relax

If you want to learn how to generate more power and spin in your tennis game, you must first learn to relax and flow. Relaxation is speed — and speed is power.   Pick any top athlete in any sport, and

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Using the Opposite Hand to Improve Your Tennis Game – Part 3

So, we have already discussed two very important uses for the opposite hand while playing tennis. First, how the opposite hand relaxes the grip hand, and second, how the opposite hand is the “computer chip” used to control the racket and change

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Using the Opposite Hand to Improve Your Tennis Game – Part 2

In the last article I talked about how the opposite hand can be used to RELAX the grip hand during groundstrokes. We learned to make a “shelf” for the racket, creating a great balancing point that allowed our dominant hand to ease

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The Secret to a Solid Tennis Volley

If you want to build a solid foundation on your tennis volley, you must learn to catch. The benefits of learning to catch on your volley will improve your success immediately. Why? Because when you catch, you simply open up

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Catch and Throw for a Great Overhead Smash

If you want to develop a great overhead smash, you need to learn to catch and throw. When the lob first goes up, think like a outfielder in baseball. Turn your body and locate the ball with your non-playing hand.

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