Steve Says: Welcome to Black Belt Tennis!


Welcome to Black Belt Tennis, and thank you for visiting! 

Our mission at Black Belt Tennis is to help you “Master the Game” of tennis in fun and progressive ways. We are very excited to begin unveiling what we feel is some of the finest and most innovative instruction in online tennis coaching.

Stay tuned as we roll out a state-of-the-art tennis instructional program, one focused on building solid technical fundamentals for every stroke. We will also show you the benefits of great balance, proper stances, speed and agility, and how to stay in shape for the game that you love.

Finally, you’re invited to follow us as we take your newfound fundamentals to the court for some sparring sessions, where you will learn patterns of play, strategies, focus and mental toughness, and drills to help you put it all together. Please join us! And thanks again for stopping by.

— Coach Steve Martin